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1995 MS H. B. Cha The design of low-noise, low-turbulence acoustic wind tunnel Renaultsamsung Motors 
1995 MS T. H. Cho A study on flow noise induced by surface pressure fluctuations on the flat plate Korea Aerospace Research Institute 
1996 MS H. J. Kang A numerical study on the generation and propagation of exhaust noise in the reciprocating engine Korea Aerospace Research Institute 
1996  MS J. H. Lee Euler computation of helicopter flowfield using a dynamic mesh method Samsung Electronics 
1997 MS D. S. Hwang An Analysis of propagation and radiation of axisymmetric duct by using finite element method  
1997 MS Y. S. Kim A Numerical study on the generation, propagation and radiation of intake noise in the reciprocating engine Korea Transportation Safety Authority 
1998 MS K. H. Chung An analysis of articulated non-linear rotor dynamics coupled with time marching free wake Korea Aerospace Research Institute 
1998 MS I. B. Shim A numerical study on the sound radiation from aircraft engine inlet using optimized compact scheme Dentist 
1999 MS N. S. Park A study on characteristics of implicit optimized compact scheme  
2002 MS K. Y. Kim Prediction of turbulent boundary layer broadband noise from a rotor LG 
2002 MS B. S. Kim A study on the interaction between rotor wake and fuselage Drama&company 
2004 MS S. K. Lee Aerodynamic analysis of rotor blades and ducted fan using improved panel and time-marching free wake coupling method General Electric Company 
2004 MS S. K. Kang Development of fan performance analysis method considering system resistance Hyundai Motors 
2005 MS K. H. Baik Parallel vortex airfoil interaction with trailing edge flap at low speed Korea Aerospace Industries 
2006 MS S. Y. Wie Numerical Investigation about Blade Vortex Interaction using Free wake method and Vortex embedded method Korea Aerospace Research Institute 
2008 MS L. Zhao Effects of Wing Placement on Transition, Boundary Layer Displacement Thickness and Broadband Noise  
2013 MS J. H. Jun A Study on the Main Rotor Wake Configuration during Hovering and Vertical Maneuver Flight Hyundai Heavy Industries 
2014 MS Y. B. Chu A Study on Aerodynamic and Dynamic Characteristics of Helicopter during Hovering Turn Maneuver Flight KAIST (Ph.D student) 
2014 MS H. T. Park Analysis of Flight Effects on Supersonic Screech Jet Tones using High-Order High-Resolution Scheme Korea Aerospace Industries 
1995 Ph. D C. J. Hwang Time domain analysis of nonlinear acoustic wave radiations Korea Aerospace Research Institute 
1995 Ph. D J. H. Park Numerical study for the vortex-wedge interaction ENEX 
1995 Ph. D S. O. Koo Numerical study of acoustic fields generated by unsteady vortical flows Korea Aerospace Research Institute 
1996 Ph. D K. D. Ih Development of the direct acoustic boundary element method for thin-bodies with general boundary conditions Hyundai Heavy Industries 
1997 Ph. D D. K. Ko Development of high resolution and high order schemes for linear and nonlinear wave equations Agency for Defense Development 
1998 Ph. D S. U. Na Development of a time-marching free-wake method for the prediction of helicopter rotor wake geometry and performance Samsung Electronics 
1999 Ph. D W. H. Jeon An analysis of noise generation and radiation from centrifugal fans with a casing CEDIC 
2001 Ph. D C. M. Chung Numerical Analysis of Flow Fields and Noise for Multiple Circular Cylinders by FEM LG 
2001 Ph. D Y. S. Kim Analysis of radiated noise from internal duct flow and external jet using high-resolution schemes Korea Transportation Safety Authority 
2001 MS S. J. Han Numerical Simulation of the Noise Generation in an Axisymmetric Whistle Agency for Defense Development 
2002 Ph. D I. J. Chung Prediction for Onset of Transonic Shock Buffet Using Steady Thin-Layer Navier-Stokes Solver Agency for Defense Development 
2003 Ph. D I. B. Shim An analysis of sound radiation from curved intake in transonic flow field Dentist 
2003 Ph. D K. H. Chung Identification and active control of rotor wake instability Korea Aerospace Research Institute 
1999 MS D. N. Heo A study on preconditioning matrix and turbulent model for optimized compact scheme Institute for Basic Science 
2004 Ph. D D. N. Heo Numerical study on the feedback mechanism of flow and acoustic wave in an open cavity Institute for Basic Science 
2000 MS H. L. Choi study for the reconstruction of free field sound source from the measured data in a closed wall by using Boundary Element Method Korea Institute of Science Technology Evaluation and Planning 
2006 Ph. D H. L. Choi Radiation from a Rotating Dipole Source in a Finite Elastic Thin Duct Korea Institute of Science Technology Evaluation and Planning 
2008 Ph. D K. Y. Kim A Study on the Prediction Method of Shroud Fan Broadband Noise LG 
2003 MS I. C. Lee An analysis of screech tone noise from supersonic jet using optimized compact scheme Beijing Aeronautical Science & Technology Research Institute of COMAC 
2008 Ph. D I. C. Lee An analysis of mechanism of supersonic screech tone noise using high order high resolution numerical scheme Beijing Aeronautical Science & Technology Research Institute of COMAC 
2009 Ph. D S. Y. Wie N-S and panel Coupled Rotor Aerodynamics Korea Aerospace Research Institute 
2010 Ph. D T. H. Cho On the correction method for the pre-stall aerodynamic performance of the scaled wind turbine model blade and the measurement method for the aero-acoustic noise source in the wind tunnel Korea Aerospace Research Institute 
2012 Ph. D Y. N. Kim Development of numerical method for resonant flow generated by interaction between fluid flow and acoustic resonance Baramgwa Sori 
2008 MS J. S. Jang Development of Unsteady Rotor Hover Test Rig URHoT with Partially Inclined Ground Agency for Defense Development 
2013 Ph. D J. S. Jang Development of Prediction Method for Body Surface Pressure due to Rotor Wakes by using Poisson Integral Equation Agency for Defense Development 
2013 Ph. D C. H. Cho Investigation of characteristics of nonlinear propagation and nonlinear impedance in resonant acoustic liners with no mean flow Hyundai Heavy Industries 
2014 Ph. D Y. W. Lee A Study on Boundary Element Methods in time and frequency domains for rotating aeroacoustic sources in a uniform flow Samsung Electronics R&D center 
2017 MS S. H. Park (Sang Ha Park) Aerodynamic experimental study of helicopter hover considering several tail rotor types and rotational directions  
2017 MS S. H. Park (Sung Hoon Park) An experimental and numerical study on aerodynamics and aeroacoustics due to the interaction effect of main-tail rotor of helicopter  
2016 MS Daniel Saatchi Numerical and experimental investigation to develop a prediction method for the flap noise  
2017 MS Teruna Christopher Supersonic partially-covered cavity flow frequency estimation with proper orthogonal decomposition on schlieren photography  
1996 MS J. W. Kim Development of compact finite difference schemes optimized for computational Aeroacoustics University of Southampton (Professor) 
2000 MS W. J .Jeon Formulation of single integral equation for a three-part mixed boundary value problem KAIST (Professor) 
2012 MS J. A. Jeun A Study on Scattering of Acoustic Sources by a Circular Cylinder Using the Fast Multipole Boundary Element University of Minnesota (Ph.D candidate) 
2004 MS B. J. Kim Development of axial fan design program considering performance and noise University of Michigan (Ph.D student) 
2001 MS Y. J. Kim Study on Optimized Compact Finite Volume Scheme Georgia Tech. (Ph.D student) 
1997 Ph. D K. W. Ryu Numerical study on the unsteady vortical flow and the acoustic fields induced by the interaction of three-dimensional vortex rings Chonbuk National University (Professor) 
2000 Ph. D J. W. Kim High-order and high-resolution schemes with generalized characteristic boundary conditions for computational aeroacoustics of unsteady compressible flows University of Southampton (Professor) 
2006 Ph. D W. J. Jeon An Analytic Study of Acoustic Diffraction by a Finite Strip in Convected Medium KAIST (Professor) 
2015 MS M. H. Ahn Development of high order and high resolution schemes for efficient shock capturing in high-speed flows KAIST (Ph.D student) 
2011 MS S. H. Park (Se Hwan Park) Development of a coupled 2-D panel / Navier-Stokes solver for numerical analysis of transonic flow  KAIST (Ph.D student) 
Showing 60 items